The Results of Resisting God

There is a generation which is rapidly passing into history. It is the generation which remembers the United States of America as a country which exhibited some common sense and morality. Although the country was not perfect, it displayed a high level of morality when it is compared to what taking place today. This writer happens to be a member of that generation. Born in the early forties, a teenager in the late fifties and early sixties, we remember when living in America was basically pristine by comparison to today.

The dramatic change in America has happened very quickly. In the span of about fifty years we have watched with amazement as the country has been caught in a vortex of immorality and excess. We remember when families were stable and productive. Fathers worked for the living, mothers fulfilled the most important job in the world; raising the family and caring for the home. If a friend of ours had a family which experienced a divorce, it was like a death. We felt sorry for our friend and tried to help them by making sure they felt accepted and cared for. The breakup of a marriage was a community tragedy. Everyone felt sorry for the situation. Today, families are all over the place. Divorce is almost expected when people get married. The attitude that prevails in the general society is: “Well, if this one doesn’t work out, I’ll just get a new one.” The sanctity of the home is at an all time low and no society can survive what is happening to us. Sociologists tell us that when thirty percent of a society doesn’t know who their father is, that society will fail. We are just about there now. In the inner city about eighty percent of the children don’t know their father. The situation is just about as bad in suburbia. Sex is now a game with the rules getting more immoral every day. In today’s world everything seems to swirl around sex. One cannot sell chewing gun without sex being exploited. The moral level of America is at an all time low and we should be wise enough to look at Rome and other societies which rotted morally from within.

Yes, the America of today is quickly becoming unrecognizable by those of us who grew up in a very different world only fifty years ago and anyone with a modicum of common sense would have to admit that. If our generation had gone to sleep in high school and woke up in today’s world we wouldn’t know where we were at. We would be more surprised than Rip Van Winkle.

A very pertinent question is: It is against the law or something for elected leaders to protect society? By observing society today it would appear that elected leaders see themselves as someone who will allow just about anything instead of someone who positioned themselves to preserve society with common sense and decency through personal example and through the legislative process. If it’s wild and immoral and if it causes people to scratch their heads and wonder what’s going on, then it seems that our elected leaders in Congress think it is just the thing to do. We need some people in responsible positions who see themselves as ones who will protect and defend the people of this nation from all the moral and social corruption taking place today. What’s wrong with having leaders who will stand in the gap and strive to make sure that society doesn’t degenerate any further. Are they afraid of being called a prude? Do they fear becoming “un-cool”?

At home, during the election process, candidates talk like the most intelligent and level headed people in the world. They are elected because they come across as having a mega-load of common sense. But when they get to Washington or a state capitol, they suddenly lose it all and fall right into line with the forces which are causing the destruction of the morality of America. Again I ask, What is wrong with having elected officials who see themselves as ones who will preserve society instead of being an element which contributes to its destruction by being willing to allow and approve things which lead to our internal moral decay and ultimate destruction? The fact is that if one stands for the right; supports the Constitution and calls others into question by living a good and moral life, then they will be shunted off into the corners of Congress and given committee appointments which are meaningless on the grand scale of things. They are ignored and castigated when and if they have a chance to state their views.

I would suggest that one would take a little stroll through the headlines on one of the most popular online news agencies, they would find out just how convoluted and messed up our country and the world really is. Here’s just a sample: “Cash for kidneys”…”Pro-life views are revolting”…”Video game is murder simulation like no other”….”fourteen year old girl stabs half sister 40 times”…”Judge: Craigslist sperm donor to lesbian couple owes child support”, “Gastronomic voyuerism…eating food on a webcam while others watch on the internet.” One person earns $9,000 a month doing this. And then there are those “studies” which cost millions in taxpayer monies. “Studies” such as: “The Human body is not capable of life in outer space.” Now THAT’S enlightening! Another study: “Texting while walking throws off balance and posture.” Study: “People slow to react are more likely to die prematurely.” Study: “Liberals drink more alcohol than conservatives.” Wow! What astounding revelations! Enough for now. The point is made.

Does it seem like common sense and responsible activity to continue to artificially pump up our economic system by having our government continue to buy our own bonds in order to infuse cash into the stock market? The crash is coming. This cannot be sustained, but the only thing our leaders are worrying about is that it does not crash on their watch. Kick the ball down the road. Let someone else worry about it. Now that’s responsible and protective behavior isn’t it? Does it seem like common sense and responsible activity to make marijuana legal? Everything rises or falls on leadership and the President has stated that marijuana is not as dangerous as alcohol. The reasoning is that alcohol is legal so why not legalize something that is not as dangerous. Now that’s brilliant logic. It’s like saying arsenic is not as dangerous as cyanide so its o.k. Of course, our President is known for being a heavy marijuana user in days gone by. He has stated it himself. Thirty years ago a person could not have been elected president if he had even a hint of smoking pot in his past. Why, even Bill Clinton tried to evade the issue by saying that he had smoked pot but “I didn’t inhale.” Oh, ok, thanks. That’s comforting.

If the President is soft on the issue of marijuana and even encourages it, then people are going to do it. Since the President is for it and the legal system is approving it, then it must be all right. Why, it’s even moral since it’s legal. Wrong assumption! Our leaders are in such a struggle for votes and popularity that they will do just about anything instead of protecting society. They also seem unable to see the implications for such an action as legalizing pot. Just wait until you add all those high on pot to those drunk on alcohol to the highways. I predict that in a short time one will see a huge jump in highway deaths. Then, the leaders will think that the answer to the mess will be to enact more regulations upon the people to ensure their safety. What those regulations might be can only be imagined, but they will come as the leaders try to blame their stupidity on something else. Another question arises: What will not be done with all those who are serving time for the possession and use of marijuana? Are they going to be released and will fines which have been paid be returned? It will be interesting to see what happens on this. If the President himself stood against the downward slide of society and stood for those things right and good for people, we would not be faced with falling into this pit of immorality we are facing. But, everything falls or rises on leadership. What is happening to America is indicative of the moral and spiritual position of our current leadership.

It appears to me that God has turned many of our leaders over to a reprobate mind as mentioned in Romans 1:28. All of the things Paul mentioned in that chapter are now occurring in the United States and many of them have been occurring for a long time. Let’s think for a moment about some of them and why the America of today doesn’t resemble the one we grew up in even forty to fifty years ago. Could you ever have imagined same sex marriage? Why, people would never have thought about even discussing it. It would never have occurred to their minds. And now, it is legal in many states and it will probably be legal in all of them in a few years. We would have said: “Same sex marriage….what is that!!!” “It will never happen in America!” “Europe may do such things but it will never happen here!” And now it is here with every right and privilege demanded by those who have done such a thing. More and more it is flaunted in the face of those who still see Biblical morality as the proper way to live. Now our people can witness a mockery of marriage including same sex marriage on a float in the Rose Parade. And then there was a mass marriage of same sex and straight couples at an awards show. The ceremony was officiated by Queen Latifa of all people.

Over fifty-five million people have been aborted since 1973. Never in our wildest dreams back in the fifties could we have imagined that our country would fall to such levels. And, human nature being what it is, death at the beginning of life will turn into death at the end of life or euthanasia. The mass media will convince a public which has an ever decreasing level of intelligence that it is logical to practice euthanasia. Anyone who recognizes the precipitous decline in morality and reasoning in the past fifty years will quickly see that it can happen here and, I predict, will become an accepted practice in a few more years. Such practices require minds which are totally void of moral content. They are actually amoral. Not only is all of this totally immoral, it also affects many other people in a way which few think about. Take the Social Security program for instance. It is now failing and is having to be propped up to keep it from failing. The funds are running out and I think that the fifty-five million people who have been aborted since 1973 are a major cause of this. Just think of how many of these would have become productive tax payers but who have not been able to place one penny in the fund. A generation of wage earners has been eliminated. They would have been putting the monies into Social Security that would provide the funds for the older generation to retire with. But those monies are not there. Abortion has disrupted the process upon which Social Security was suppose to be build. So, now the program is collapsing upon itself. Millions of people were not able to do their part. They were aborted.

Never could we have envisioned the day when liberal judges would write law from their benches. When an entire state can vote overwhelmingly to prohibit certain things and then a judge can overturn it with a single ruling, we have lost our freedoms but don’t realize it yet. Why should the opinion of one person overturn the wishes of the majority of people? Shouldn’t be allowed! The immoral agenda in America today must have the courts to advance their views because the majority of our people would vote them down. So they run to the liberal courts to advance what the people so not want. Destruction is on the way.

I could go on and on but the point is made. We don’t look like the country of the fifties. People who should have protected a moral and legal society have betrayed us. And, they will continue to do so in order to survive in a society which is falling off the cliff of immorality and irresponsible behavior.

Of course, human nature always wants something wilder and more edgy the next time than it had the last time or else it will get bored. So, there is a death spiral in operation here. If people can’t go further the next time, then they whine about their “rights” being violated. The issue of rights is another whole article for another time but suffice it to say that it has gotten to the point that whatever a person “wants” and is denied suddenly becomes a “right.” Wrong!

But, a never ending statement in many places is….”God Bless America.” Sorry folks, He cannot do it. His holiness keeps Him from it. He would have to violate His Holiness to bless America today and He will not do that. In fact, His nature keeps Him from violating His holiness. I do believe that He will bless those who are His through Jesus Christ even as He withholds His blessings from the country at large. But, we who claim Christ as our Savior still have to live in a place which is under the judgment of God for our immorality. The Results of Resisting God are quite clear. We will wind up cast down in the ditch along the roadway of life as did Rome and other great societies. We are not immune to God’s judgment and we are testing it severely these days.

We are Circling the Drain and the rotation is now at a fever pitch. The vortex was formed years ago and, at first, the motion was hardly noticed. But now the situation is critical. We are spinning so fast that all control has been lost. This country is in a downward spiral and is reaching the point that nothing can be done to save it. It’s like a star being pulled into a black hole. It crosses the point of criticality and there is no turning back. The gravitational force of absolute immorality is pulling us toward the point of no return. We had better wake up and correct things before it is too late.

William F. Harrell

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