Time is not a limitless commodity. It does not last forever. It will be done away with like any other thing, and time is a thing. It is a mystery to us and because we don't have a proper view of it, we tend to treat it carelessly. Time is used to hang events upon in history. The reason we have history is because we have time.

Time once used does not vanish away. Time used is still there but it is dormant. It is known as history. Time always moves forward. It cannot be backed up and revisited. Its effects can be noted and we call that historical evidence. Time out in the future, beyond what I call the "moment of being"...(the absolute present moment), is existing but the "moment of being" has not passed by it yet. We call the time not yet reached by the "moment of being", the future. This "moment" is always moving forward consuming the future and turning it into the present while laying down history in its wake.

The prophets were able to see beyond the "moment of being", (the absolute present moment) and were able to identify points in the time line that the "moment of being" had not yet passed. We call that prophecy. Their prophecies were always correct because the "moment of being" finally passed by the event they had seen and we call that the fulfillment of prophecy. The "moment of being" passing by converted a foreseen time line event into the present and then into historical evidence. Then it continued on its way consuming the time line moment by moment. You became a historical figure when the "moment of being" passed by your birth which was on God's time line long before you were conceived.

William F. Harrell

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