The Rarest Element

In every universe of ideas there is always a positive (+) and a negative (-). One always defines the other. A positive idea or fact always has a corresponding negative response. For every action there is an opposite an equal reaction. This is known as Newton's third law. It always applies in the physical world and, by observation we can state that it is always true even in the world of ideas and especially human activity.

Truth is TRUTH. It can never be altered even in the smallest way or, by its nature, it is no longer truth. A lie is a LIE, and always will be. Even if a little fragment of truth is added to make the lie seem palatable, it is still a lie. The truth can become a non-truth by the addition of a fragment of lie added in. A lie is still a lie no matter how much truth you add to it to make it "go down easy." So, there is a positive (truth) and a negative (lie) and the two cannot be mixed. In the world in which we live, a lie is always a lie while the truth is corrupted by adding a fragment of lie to it.

Let's take the "universe" of ideas and activities in Washington, DC. It seems that no one in Washington can tell the pure truth any longer. We are a fallen people who are naturally attracted to the lie. By our nature we will lie unless one is redeemed and even then we struggle with telling the absolute truth at all times. The major news outlets seem incapable of telling the truth. Conspiracy theories abound and the vast majority of them are so wild and convoluted that one wonders about the emotional and mental state of those who foster them. It is an insult to the American people to have them presented for consideration. Those outlets (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS) are assuming that our people are so dumb and misinformed that they can be fed anything. They have learned that if a lie is repeated long enough that it will take on "legs" of its own and be accepted as the truth.

In Washington and in politics in general, the truth is evaluated in a different way in order to lead good, common sense people to a place they would not normally go. The truth in the universe of Washington, DC is a LIE that worked and accomplished what the person desired it to accomplish. A LIE is a lie that did not work and exploded in one's face. So, then, if a lie worked and it was easy to sell to the people, then it becomes the "truth" and after told a million times, becomes a doctrine which is automatically accepted. A good example is the law as it relates to abortion. The abortion movement was founded on lies and deception concerning basic and fundamental facts which is the truth had been told, would have revealed the founders of the movement as frauds. But, their lies worked for them and accomplished their desired effect. They were repeated enough that they became "truth" to people and then they became doctrine which was carved in stone by the Supreme Court.

The "Swamp" in Washington DC, lives on lies. They have become essential to its environment because the liberals in the swamp are smart enough to know that the common sense people of "middle America" will quickly recognize their motivations and would reject their political desires for the nation unless they were fed lies and convinced things were just fine. Liberal ideas for America are so misguided and destructive that the liberal leadership knows that the good people of America would figure them out and run from their leadership and programs unless they were lied to and misdirected. Of course, the liberal media of the day are their main tool in convincing the nation of the legitimacy of their direction. The real goal is hidden by lies repeated enough that they become truth to a vast number of people who simply don't think things through very well. They are too busy living life and surviving to swim in the swamp.

Political doctrine in Washington, DC is derived from repeating a lie long enough that it becomes the accepted "truth". The problem for them is that even if it does become accepted and thereby becomes doctrine for them, it is still a lie. They see it as doctrine because what they have foisted on the public has worked for them and accomplished their distorted purpose. They are then hailed for being a leader of thought and then they are elevated to some position of importance in the eyes of those who live in the "swamp." Sadly, their influence doesn't stay in Washington but the liberal news media with their far-reaching tentacles, repeats the information to the people with the proper slants to it and unsuspecting citizens begin to feel that the proposals are reasonable. This is exactly how so many of the American people now support abortion as opposed to previous generations who knew innately that it is wrong to murder babies in their mother's womb.

Human reasoning is fertile ground for the devil to make just about anything seem reasonable. One of his most reliable aids is that Christian people are so secular these days that they have all but lost the ability to evaluate things from a Godly spiritual perspective and they will follow the path of least resistance and rationalize the swamp lies to the point that it becomes "truth" to them. Without the Christian people providing Godly resistance to the godless influence coming out of our seat of government, then the "swamp truth" (lies sold to the people) becomes reasonable and thereby they become the "truth" by which those people order their thinking. Sad situation indeed!!

In this process, absolute, unadulterated truth becomes "The Rarest Element." It seems that nothing is presented to the public today unless it is manipulated and massaged in order to lead people to think the way it is desired for them to think. I have reached the point that cynicism is my natural inclination when I am confronted by any statement coming from the "Swamp." My first thought is; "now, where are they going with this?" I am not, by nature a cynic. I have been made into one by the current environment coming out of the swamp and their compliant aforementioned news media. They simply can't be believed any longer. That is a shame because the American people deserve better than that. But, the politicians and news media know that the people in Middle America are very wary of their shenanigans so in order to catch them off guard and pass crazy, destructive legislation, they have to convince them that all is well. That is the danger of in the way Washington and liberals in general have created a new "truth" and a new "lie". Remember, the truth for them is a lie that worked and a lie is a lie that didn't work and caused them much pain. They won't do that again! What they will do is go back to the drawing board and see how they can modify the lie, repeat it enough that it becomes truth to the masses and then doctrine to the misguided politicians.

Yes, The Rarest Element in Washington is the absolute TRUTH. It is like bitter water to them. But, the American People are deserving of better than that. They will make the right decisions if given the pure truth with which to work. The sad thing is that the politicians are not concerned so much with the American people making the right decision. They are more desirous that they will follow the will of the politicians and that is tragic. They should not be foisting their own will on the people but reflecting the will of the public they serve. But, they are relying on the power of deception the possess when they "sell" lies to an unsuspecting public.

Yes, we need a good dose of "The Rarest Element".....pure TRUTH. Sad thing is that Washington does not recognize it because pure TRUTH would explode their plans.

William F. Harrell

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