Ruminating on Creation

While in a quiet moment a few days ago, I was ruminating on several issues that humankind, in our day, seems to have trouble being able to accept. Life itself was one of the things that I was turning over in my mind once again. Mankind, no matter how much he likes life and fears death, cannot seem to accept the fact that he was created and granted life by God Himself. Who else can give life? Where else can one go to find the source of life? I defy anyone to come up with a correct answer unless their answer is "God" and no other. Man hasn't produced as much as a single celled organism so how could he produce another human being. He can't! That is God's domain and man does not have entrance into it.

The evolutionist can't point to a single fact that says human beings and even lesser animals evolved. Evolution is still a THEORY and the proponents of it are teaching it as fact. How dishonest could one be? Even Charles Darwin, in his later life said that he was sorry that he ever wrote the book on the Origin of Species.

While in my moments of thought about all of this, God spoke to me and showed me something to which we would all have to agree. It is so obvious that it has escaped the arguments about the subject of creation over against evolution. It is right there in front of our faces but I have never heard this argument. The proponents of evolution with all its billions and trillions to one odds that something would evolve a certain way will have to agree with what I am going to point out. Here's what God showed me: Every creature that walks the earth or flies in the sky or swims in the deep has the same basic systems and functions in place. All creatures have the same basic systems. A human being has a digestive system, a circulatory system, a respiratory system, a nervous system including a brain, an endocrine system as well as a muscular system. We also have protective skin and a skeletal system. The thing that dawned on me was that all of God's creatures all have the same basic systems in place. A whale eats with a mouth, swallows to the digestive track including a stomach and eliminates the waste. They are huge. They have a muscular system, and a skeletal system. They function much as we do. The body functions basically the same. The same is true of a dog, a cat, raccoons, snakes and any other earthly creature you might name. Every one has blood circulating throughout the body to carry oxygen to the cells of the body so that it can live. All of us have a heart and lungs with which to breathe and circulate oxygen to the system. We all rely on oxygen. Isn't it amazing how all living things have the same systems with the exception that the microscopic world seems to function a little differently in some respects but similar to us in other aspects of life.

An ant and an elephant work basically the same way. Both eat food which goes into a digestive system and exits the body as waste. In the meantime, the nutrients are absorbed and the energy derived from them is delivered to the body through their circulatory system. The cells use it to function properly and that which is useless is ejected as waste. While all this is happening, both the ant and the elephant are absorbing oxygen through their particular respiratory systems. A fish, which lives in the water, doesn't have lungs as land animals do but their gills separate out the oxygen which fuels the body just as it does in a human being or another animal such as a cow, or a horse. The fish have the same basic function as in other animals which have lungs. The whale, if environment is such a factor as the evolutionist claims, would be a good candidate for gills. But he is a mammal. God designed him a different way and gave him lungs. So, he has to come up for air from time to time just as a human or any other mammal would have to do or he will drown. But, our lungs do the same thing as a fish's gills. They separate out the oxygen, deliver it to the blood stream and we have the energy needed to survive.

Didn't some evolutionist, with all his scientific information, ever wonder why Oxygen is used by every creature and not Carbon Dioxide or some other toxic gas? Why didn't evolution with all its odds and permutations as well as eons of time produce an animal that would use some other gas other than oxygen. Some microorganisms in the depths of the sea use toxic gases but we don't find any higher animal that does so. Its oxygen and that gas alone that our systems are built upon. It is common to all creatures just as the basic systems are common to all living creatures.

I think the answer to our question is to be found in the fact that earthly creatures were all designed to function in basically the same way by God who designed each of us, from the ant to the elephant from the ape to human beings from majestic birds to the lowly worm we all function basically alike. It all speaks of the ordered arrangement that God designed and His order is apparent. So, why didn't evolution, as proposed by professors and scientists, produce some of God's creatures to operate a different way based on their environment? Its because, no matter the environment, as with the whale, God designed us all to function with same basic systems which allow us to live on planet earth.

William F. Harrell

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