Progressive? I Don't Think So!

The definition of the word "progressive" is important for us to understand how the word and concept is being misused in our time. As we look in Webster's Dictionary we find that the word means: "Relating to or characterized by progress; "making use of or interested in new ideas, findings or opportunities; believing in political change and social improvement by government action."

As we observe the things going on in our country as of this writing, I find it difficult to label the activities and actions as being progressive even if we stretch the meaning of the word to the "inth" degree. The good word "progressive" has been hi-jacked by liberal politicians and social commentators.

How in the world can the destruction of property and total rebellion against all that has contributed to an organized society be labeled "progressive?" Those doing all the things which are so irresponsible do not refer to themselves as progressive. The only thing they know is that they have the numbers and power to cause a total disruption in order. They are a bunch of thugs who are getting away with their basic instincts to be destructive and violent. They are having fun letting themselves run amuck and destroy what others have spent their lives building. These people are anarchists who are trying to bring the government of America down to their expectations and they want our country to be a socialist, Marxist country. All that has made America great stands against their desires.

At the same time, those in governmental authority on the local and state levels as well as many on the national level, are afraid to confront and deal with the destruction going on. They display that their thinking processes and actions are totally opposite to what common sense would dictate. These liberal officials are part and parcel to what is happening and they are described as "progressives." Let me inquire: Is it progressive to defund and decrease their police forces while facing such and imminent threat to society as we know it? At the very moment things are falling apart these people think that they should do away with those who have dedicated their lives to maintain order. Someone thought they said something brilliant when they said: "I know what let's do. Let's get rid of police departments and officers. That will solve our problems with these crowds." "We don't need police. They stand in the way of the "progressives" expressing themselves and that's the problem." "These people are basically peaceful." So, in the midst of so great an insurrection the "progressives" think defunding and closing down police operations are the things to do." I don't know about you but there ain't nothing progressive about that approach. If these "leaders" think that the anarchy and destruction will play itself out then they would buy a bridge in the middle of the Sahara Desert and think they had gotten a great deal! Also, if they think that this gang activity will stay localized in metro areas then they are in the dark on this issue. It will finally go into the neighborhoods and threaten individuals and their homes and if those homeowners protect themselves and their property, they will be the ones arrested and charged. Now, that makes a lot of sense doesn't it. It's part of the "progressive" movement.

It makes a lot of "progressive" sense to let criminals out of prison back into the general public because officials are more afraid of the Covid-19 virus than they are of what these violent criminals will do to the good people of society. And if the good people defend themselves, they will be the ones who are at fault in the view of the "progressives." The homeowners should just stand aside and let the wild crowd of thugs destroy what the good people have worked for all their lives. Absolute idiocy. Total incompetence. It's dereliction of duty and criminal. In our world today, good is evil and evil is good. If one is even slightly familiar with the Bible's prophecies they will be able to see how those predictions are coming true day by day.

In days gone by these rioters and insurrectionists would not have lasted very long. Stronger leaders than we have today would have put a stop to it and re-established order. But, the real problem is that we have very few leaders today who actually see it as their sworn job to protect society. Most of our "leaders" of today are opportunists who are in politics for their own personal benefit. Too many enter politics for a few years and then emerge as millionaires with two or three stately houses in prime places in the United States. These people will do nothing to stop the rioting going on. They are afraid they won't get elected next time for you see, their basic constituency is made up of people who think like these insurrectionists even though many of them will not take part in a riot. These people are not leaders. They are bought and paid for opportunists.

The people taking certain cities apart and causing social unrest know only one way to get their way: violence and power. They only understand power and the only way to deal with them is to exhibit more power than they have. This is what the "leaders" in those states and cities will not do. In fact, they don't want help with the situation claiming that these rioters are "peaceful demonstrators who have a right to do what they are doing." Is burning buildings and businesses a peaceful demonstration? Is burning police cars and precinct buildings peaceful protest? If they are then someone has re-defined the word "peaceful." Is attacking people and beating them senseless "peaceful." I don't think so and anyone who says it is doesn't have the sense and guts to govern and should step down or be removed. There is no sense at all in what is going on in America today concerning all this destructive rioting.....oh...excuse me...."peaceful protests." What we are witnessing is insurrection and heretofore is has been met with force and sooner or later, this will have to be the solution. Of course, all the liberals will go amuck with their criticism of the use of force but it will have to be employed to straighten out what the liberals have allowed to develop.

I am very concerned that we are looking at civil unrest to the point that it will be called a civil war. The education system of America has produced three generations of people who cannot think their way out of a "wet paper bag". They have been taught revised history as well as that the people who founded America were actually evil people whose memory needs to be destroyed. Liberal professors have infected the minds of these generations for, at least, the last fifty years in our colleges and universities. They have provided the fuel for a possible civil war if America is to get back to some semblance of order. I am troubled by the fact that such a large percentage of our people actually believe like they have been taught and sympathize with those causing the civil unrest and destruction of today. I am also concerned that one of our political parties is actually in favor of what is going on. If they weren't then they would be joining in with others who are decrying the situation and trying to solve it. The problem is that the people causing all this mess make up much of the constituency of this party and they are afraid of losing their vote if they take a position of opposing them. Otherwise, why isn't their voice heard promoting stability and opposing the destruction and killing going on? Only one reason: this party thinks they are playing this situation into an advantage but I feel they will be surprised. They think these people are their political allies but they fail to understand that all these rioters and their leaders would come after them next. Any leader of any party should understand that the purpose of those leading the trouble of today is to take over America ands totally change the way our government operates. They want to shred the Constitution which has guided us over the centuries. They want to be in control and to overthrow our government. Anyone who does not see this is as "blind as a bat!"

This is not going to just "burn out." It is going to have to be strongly dealt with. Sorry, but it has gone too far to just "die out." These people mean business and weak liberal leaders are enabling them to foment rebellion in America. The good people of our country are going to have to stand up and protect their land or be run over and overpowered given the fact that so few leaders are willing to deal with it.

So, the "Progressives" are doing everything but being progressive. Nothing they do or think makes any common sense. Just listen to them. Everything they propose would result in destroying our country and its government. The American way of life which is founded upon Judeo-Christian ethics found in the Bible will be swept away. And make no mistake about it, this is all a spiritual battle led by satan with the goal of destroying the only nation ever founded upon Christianity. Our early documents prove it so there is no argument against that statement. Only liberals will try to argue differently in order to advance their distorted views. I am firmly convinced that liberalism is truly a mental disorder! They think backwards! They make no sense whatever! Their reasonings will cause destruction. And, liberal thinking is what has fueled what is going on today in some of our major cities.

So, "Progressives"?....I Don't Think So! These people have hi-jacked that good word!

William F. Harrell

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