The Little Switch

Have you ever wondered how some people think the way they do? It seems that if something meets all the requirements of common sense, it is rejected outright by a certain segment of society. One wonders just what is wrong with the brain of such people. The current problem with immigration is a good place to start. Any position which will protect our country and our people is considered to be racist, sexist or "against our values." One wonders just what these people, who espouse every liberal idea which would ultimately destroy our culture and country, are thinking. People of common sense find themselves continually shaking their heads in amazement at the thought processes of liberals whether they are politicians, entertainment personalities or people in the general public.

What drives a person to think that it is acceptable to abort little babies? What makes one think that sex change operations are proper because they are (as they maintain) guaranteed by our constitution? How does a person deduct that the people who illegally enter our country should get health care, social security, drivers licenses and other benefits at the expense of the law-abiding citizens who worked for these benefits? What makes a person think that giving out free needles to the drug users in San Francisco (or anywhere else) will help the situation and lead those people into a drug free and productive existence? These same people think it will be good to adopt socialism and give the public a guaranteed income without being involved in anything defined as work? What leads them to think that if the public is disarmed all will be well with no more murders and firearm related crimes? What keeps them from realizing that such an action would open the public up to aggression from the criminal element who would have their guns and care nothing about our laws? Do they not see that the public would be helpless against such forces?

I think those questions are enough to make my point. What causes people to think so backwards? I think that Michael Savage had it right when he said: "Liberalism is a mental disorder." When I first heard that I thought, "now, Michael, you can't say such a thing. Liberals might think differently but I don't think they have a mental disorder." But, I have changed my mind after observing the events of the past several years. Listen carefully: Liberalism is a mental disorder!" It has to be a disorder for people to believe like they do. Liberals are irrational thinkers.

My theory is that there is a little switch in the brains of liberals. It is thrown in the wrong direction and being thrown in that direction causes the liberal to think right is left, wrong is right, destruction is actually progress, truth is whatever serves their cause, and that those committed to doing the common-sense thing are destructive and incompetent as well as obviously ignorant. These people need someone to do a serious and complete SanDisc operation on them as well as an in depth de-frag on their operating system. A serious update is needed! Their brains are scrambled and maybe those operations would get things in order again. Doubtful but possible, maybe.

If the constitution of the United States of America actually contained all the provisions that the liberal judges and politicians milk from it through legal manipulations with liberal judges, it would contain thousands of pages and be unreadable. Our founding fathers who authored the Constitution had no way to envision all the manipulation of their historic work. They never had an idea that aborting a baby would be considered a "right" according to the document they authored. What does one think they would have thought if one had said to them: "The Constitution you are authoring will one day be used to validate a person's "right" to have a sex change operation paid for by the government." They would have said "Have a WHAT?" Or, what would have been the response to this statement: "Your document will guarantee that millions of people will be able to illegally enter the country and be given the "right" of living in a sanctuary city with all the benefits meant for legal citizens?" It seems, from listening to liberal judges and liberal members of Congress that the founding fathers had a crystal ball and made provisions for anything the heart of a raging liberal could desire. Their "little switch" is flipped the wrong way!!

How do people get this way? The reasons are too vast for this little article but they include a liberal home environment, a convoluted and liberal educational system which is more a political tool than and educational enterprise, and the natural human propensity to want something for nothing. No matter what the reason, somewhere along the way these people had their "little switch" flipped the wrong way and they have grown to believe that their thought process is valid and good for society. It is destructive and we should never forget that. Just ask yourself this question: What would America look like if the Schumers of the world had their way? What would America look like if Rep. Pelosi had her way? Or, the Clintons or the Doles or Senator Feinstein or Maxine Waters in addition to any other raging liberal? If we turned the country over to them what in the world would it look like? It would not resemble anything like what the original founders envisioned. And, that, my dear friends is where we are headed unless some "switches" are flipped in the right direction or some good people are elected to Congress. I hate to say it but the "Thanksgiving Turkey" is just about done!

I encourage the reader to go to my web, and read the article in the Blog section entitled: The Conservative Problem. It will fill in some gaps we do not have space for in this little article.

So, we deduce that "The Little Switch" is very powerful and its power is bent in the wrong direction. Liberals make no sense at all in what they desire to do. They are devoid of common sense and consumed with ideas that are derived from the "Little Switch" being flipped the wrong way. Not much can be done about it because I fear that the United States has gone too far in the wrong direction. Too many of our people have been "infected" with a worldview that has been influenced too much by the liberal "Little Switch."

William F. Harrell

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