God Bless America?

How many times have you been in a meeting where someone would speak on some important subject of the day and then, at the end of the talk, they would say something like, "God bless your important work and may God bless the USA! Now, no one wants God to bless America any more than I do. Let's settle that at the beginning of this little treatise. I love America and I greatly desire for God to bless our country and her people.

There is one basic principle that we must accept if we are going to ask God to bless America. That principle deals with our relationship with Him and our obedience to Him. He cannot, by his nature, bless anyone or anything that is in voluntary and determined disobedience to Him. God is a "Holy" God. We would all agree that He is a good God. We could all raise our hands to that. But, people do not generally understand the concept of "holy." It is far beyond "good."

God did not wake up one day and decide...."I think I'm going to be holy." He did not decide to have that attribute. It is his nature to be holy. This means something very important to us. It means that He cannot tolerate even one microbe of sin in His presence because his holy nature will not allow it. When we ask him to bless our country which is locked in to the worse kinds of sin made legal by the courts, we are literally asking God do something that He, by His nature, cannot do. He cannot bless sin! That statement is not up for argument. He cannot do it for by blessing someone or a country, or a business or a family which is sinning and wagging its finger in God's face, He would have to violate His own holiness to do so. He cannot violate His own holiness. If He did, He would cease to be God.

So, now that His holiness is a settled issue, we can better understand why it is futile at this point for someone to make a speech and then say in closing..."and may God bless America." They are asking God to do something that He cannot do...bless something that is in determined disobedience to Him. I do believe that He can and will bless individuals who live a Godly life in the midst of a rebellious nation while, at the same time, He brings judgment on the nation as a whole. Those who are causing the judgment to happen by living in rebellion against God are imposing that situation upon the good, Godly people who have to live in the midst of the judgment. We can see this vividly by reading in the Bible what the good people of Israel had to endure due to the disobedience of their leaders.

In 1973, the Supreme Court said they had found in the Constitution that abortion was a woman's right and that because it is in the constitution, it is legal. That's what always seems to happen. When there is no good, logical, righteous reason to do something, those proposing the activity will go the legal route and get some court or judge to approve what the people in general would not approve. If abortion were put to a vote in America, it would fail. Polls have found that the American people do not want abortion. This has been found to be true by a large majority. But, the Supreme Court has legalized murder and the worse kind at that. Human beings will flock to that which has been found "legal" while, at the same time, rejecting what God says about it. I want to remind our readers that the Supreme Court does not hold session in Heaven and God is not impressed with them or their ruling on abortion. Someone may say, "but, I don't believe in God!" That is their choice but they will regret is some day. God is on His throne whether they believe it or not.

I believe that God wants to bless our country and her people. He takes no pleasure in condemning people. He always offers redemption and a better way. It is very plain in the Bible that Jesus did not come to condemn but to save the world...John 3:17. So, God has paid the price to enable our people to be in good standing with Him, and if we were, He could bless us as we so often ask Him to.

Now, let me get to the heart of the matter. How can a holy God bless a country that intentionally, with malice and forethought, kills millions of innocent children each year. I think the American people really don't comprehend what they have done since 1973 when the Supreme Court legalized the barbaric action of abortion. Let me illustrate it to you. The top twenty-five cities in America...our largest metro areas, have 37,832,879 people living in them. That's the latest figure. But, we have, since 1973, aborted 62,502,904 babies in America. We have aborted 24,670,025 more babies than we have living in our top twenty-five metropolitan cities. That is unbelievable and inconceivable. How could we do that? The only way this could be happening is that demonic forces have caused a spirit of death on our land and we had better get it fixed because the God of the universe is looking on and He does not approve!

Someone said to me one day that a baby was not a human until they drew their first breath. Ridiculous! From conception a person is known by God and recognized by Him. I asked this person this question: "Why are you here talking to me about abortion?" He could not answer the question. But I said, "I'll tell you why you are here. It's because no one interrupted your life while you were in your mother. They didn't mess with you and you were ultimately born." Every person walking around today started at conception. They developed as God planned it and now take part in society because they were left alone. We were all conceived at some point. We were all zygotes at one time. We continued to develop and finally were born in due time. But, there are over 62,000,000 who will never function in society. King David perfectly described what God does when he referred to the fact that God knew him before he was born and actually formed him...Ps 139:15-16. Can't argue against that! God said it.

So, let me conclude by saying what society will not say. We had better get straight with God on this issue! Nothing but doom lays before us if we continue to wag our finger in His face on this particular issue. How can He bless us who so brutally murder little babies who are at their most helpless state....in their mother's womb. This is not some preacher spouting doom and gloom. Our country IS doing this and is willing to do more. We must have a movement that will bring about the reversal of the Supreme Courts ruling! We are doomed if we don't reverse this ruling. The abortion of millions has an enormous effect on our society even beyond the killing of millions but that is for another article.

So, please understand that because of our sinful state in many areas but especially because of abortion, when someone says...."God Bless America" please understand that they are asking God to do something he cannot do and that is to bless a people who would authorize and get rich off of aborting little helpless babies for convenience and profit. He would have to violate His own holiness to bless any people who are doing such a thing. Blessings will not come from Him as long as we continue the gruesome practice of abortion. I believe there is a "spirit of death" upon America because of the horrible practice of abortion and the only way to get it lifted is to repent before God for this action and cease to allow it to take place. Then maybe it would be proper for a speaker to say.... "God Bless America!"

William F. Harrell

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