"Artificial Life"

One only has to read a few scientific articles to conclude that scientists in this liberal and God denying world are possessed with the possibility of creating “artificial life.” The same mentality which finds it morally permissible to support abortion is also in a quest to make artificial life. And, artificial life is an oxymoron. If it is life it is genuine, and if it is artificial it is not real since the definition of artificial means: “not natural or real, made, produced, or done to seem like something natural.” So, LIFE is not artificial. It is LIFE. It cannot be derived from artificial means. Therefore, artificial life is an oxymoron. These people will destroy real life through abortion and find it a permissible activity but they also desire life if it is made by them, hence: artificial.

The real issue here is control. If man controls the life process it produces artificial or not real life. He is not satisfied with God’s granting of life, but desires life that is not real as long as he produced it. If man can produce artificial life, he thinks that he has proven that God is not real and that He does not really exist. Man’s rebellion against God is most visible here. Satan’s lie is acceptable if man accomplished it. At the same time, God’s truth is rejected because man has nothing to do with it.

Man’s sterile incompetence in this area is plainly observable. He cannot produce even that which is artificial. His frustration is also visible in that he desires to destroy that which he cannot produce. If he can’t make life, then to exercise his desired control, he will destroy it. Those who advocate abortion see themselves as in control of the life process they cannot reproduce.

So, what would man do if he could accomplish making artificial life? He would do his best to replace the real with the artificial because he, man, made it. He would automatically assume that his approach was far better than God’s because creating artificial life would prove, to them, that God is only a creation of minds which desire something to worship. They would say God is outdated and his process is inferior to man’s process where making life is concerned. Let me remind the reader that God does not MAKE life. He CREATES life. There is a vast difference in the two and it is a difference that man seems unable to grasp or desire to understand. Life is not life unless it is real, and it is real only if it is CREATED. The only one in the creating business is God and man needs to learn that once and for all.

But, let’s assume that man could produce life. It would be life on the most primitive level more akin to an amoeba. Scientists would like for the public to assume that they were talking about creating life on the human scale. In fact, the scientists would be proven inferior with anything less and man doesn’t want to admit inferiority. But, again, just suppose that they could manipulate things in such a way to form an artificial human. What would it mean? First, since God grants a spirit to man, this artificial life would have no spirit and therefore it would be unable to recognize or know God. It would have nothing that needed to be saved (a spirit) and therefore have no need for God’s redemptive process. The need for Jesus would disappear which is exactly what satan wants. Secondly, it would have no soul which is also granted by God. A human with no soul would be uncontrollable. It would have no morals, possess no mercy, feel no remorse and have no compassion on others. It would be totally under the control of those who made it. It would follow the dictates of satan with no moral compunction since it would have no ability to react to guilt or compassion. And it would choose to follow him since the perversion of life from which it had sprung was energized by satan himself. Such a creature would be merciless and find it normal behavior. It would be totally suited for satan’s purposes in trying to win the cosmic battle of good against evil. No soul and no spirit would make such a being a “thing” and not a human.

So, the next time you hear the term “artificial life”, just remember that it is an oxymoron and actually, by definition, negates itself.

William F. Harrell

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