There are some things in life which put one in the place of wanting to pull every last hair out of their head. They seem to present a problem which is unsolvable and they simply refuse to go away. The human intellect and will is strained when dealing with something that is persistent as a little animal called a Mole. The question quickly comes to mind: "Why in the world did God make a mole." What is it good for except to irritate a human being? Maybe He put them on the earth to teach us patience. OK, God....I I've got it. I've got patience! Now would you please make these moles go away! You have the power to do it. I KNOW you do! I have that confidence! Now, plueese, sick them on someone else! Get these little buggers out of my yard. The hard work I have put in my yard is being destroyed as they swim through the dirt and create their own little super expressways.

For the life of me, I don't see how a mole works. How does it make its way so easily through the same dirt that is so hard to dig up when one wants to plant a shrub. He makes it look so easy. This little animal about the size of a small rat with his two little front legs with those big claws and his little pointy snout can navigate the soil as an extremely fast pace. Why, he doesn't even get dirty. I have caught one....ONE! When I examined him I found that he has a beautiful coat of dark grey hair. Smooth and silky. Dirt and goo doesn't seem to stick to it. It is really very pretty if you realize it's not attached to a mole. Those little devils.!

Recently, I bought two mole traps. It is set by determining which route he is taking through his super highway he has created. Then, the trap is placed over that particular tunnel is a way that if he chooses that route again, he will find himself in mole heaven. More often than not, one will find that he won't choose the tunnel you have chosen over which to set your trap. Frustrating to the core! Every morning I look to see if one of my mole traps has been sprung. such luck!

Everyone seems to have the remedy for these little rascals. "put out some poison worms that you can buy at Lowe's." "By these sonic devices which will drive them away to your neighbor's yard." "Get some mole traps." I have even thought of going to the big guns and put my twenty gauge shotgun plan into action. Here's what I think will work: "find where the mole is active, load up the dove gun, patiently stand guard in an active area and look for a tunnel being formed (it might take all night.) Point the shotgun right at the place where the soil is being pushed up and let it fly! Seems reasonable to me! Forget about the neighbors. All of them have moles too and they will understand....probably! In fact they will probably ask you to come over to their yard and go mole hunting there. I don't think that anyone would even report to the Sheriff that some crazy man is shooting a shotgun at the dirt in his yard. I think it might work!

As I sit here and type this little piece, I am looking out the window of my study at home. There it sits. A mole trap that I placed next to our front sidewalk three days ago. It's cocked and ready. But it appears it is in no danger of being put to good use. The mole seems to know that it's there and won't go through it. He ain't that smart! He's just lucky! I have a trap set in my back yard also. It's just as useless it seems.

The best advice I have been given is for me to get a cat or a terrier. My friends sing the praises of their cat. "I don't have any moles since I got my cat." What if you don't like or want a cat? What if you have no way of keeping a dog? You're stuck. Another problem with the cat solution is that they bring the dead moles up to your porch and leaven them there all chewed up and stinking. Then you have to dispose of the little devil. If they would eat the things it would be worth it. But, I must say, I'm tempted to get a cat even though I am famous for not liking them. Maybe I could find one that would fit in! Naaah. Never happen. So I guess I am like a lot of people. I'm stuck with Moles!!

William F. Harrell

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