About Recollections...

Over the past few years, I have been asked many questions about my past and how life developed for me. It occurred to me that my children and grandchildren knew very little about who I really am and where I came from. I wished that I had been given more of the details of my father’s life and so I decided that I would write some articles in order that a better record of my life could be had for those who will come along after me.

These little essays, which I have called, “Recollections” were not written because I thought people were just dying to know more about me. They were written for internal use so some kind of historical record could be kept. But, somehow the public has found them and seem to enjoy being taken “back to the day.” The articles included in “Recollections” are actual events and things which somehow impressed me to the point I have never forgotten them. I hope they help transport you to days in your remembrance which will always be a part of you.

Camping with PinkyPosted on October 16, 2015
The Tattooed LadyPosted on November 11, 2015
A Sunday Afternoon With BudPosted on November 11, 2015
The Goat ManPosted on November 16, 2015
Tomcats and TomtitsPosted on November 16, 2015
Wasps on the TowerPosted on November 16, 2015
When God Takes OverPosted on November 16, 2015
Where Were YouPosted on November 16, 2015
KitesPosted on November 19, 2015
Annie and CoraPosted on December 16, 2015
Hot Time in the SummertimePosted on December 16, 2015
The Tennessee Ernie Ford ShowPosted on December 16, 2015
The TurtlePosted on December 25, 2015
Lee and WhitPosted on December 29, 2015
Control Room AnticsPosted on January 16, 2016
Tift County Hot DogsPosted on February 14, 2016
The YoYo ManPosted on February 14, 2016
The Shotgun and the Vice PrinciplePosted on February 14, 2016
Central AvenuePosted on February 14, 2016
Lettuce SandwichesPosted on February 14, 2016
A Few Quick Dove SuppersPosted on February 28, 2016
Airport in the DrivewayPosted on February 28, 2016
A White Limo and a Ten Gallon StetsonPosted on February 28, 2016
The Varisty and Duffy's Drive-inPosted on March 22, 2016
Higher MathPosted on March 22, 2016
Gary and MePosted on March 22, 2016
"I'm on Magnolia Lane!"Posted on April 23, 2016
The BalconyPosted on May 5, 2016
SuperlativesPosted on May 14, 2016
The Cross and a GE ClockPosted on June 5, 2016
His ShoesPosted on June 9, 2016
Peer PressurePosted on June 26, 2016
MolesPosted on July 17, 2016
Exactly What I WantedPosted on July 17, 2016
Atomic Bomb!!Posted on September 24, 2016
A Tough Old DovePosted on September 24, 2016
Downtown at NightPosted on September 24, 2016
Fishing With GranddaddyPosted on September 24, 2016
Gun LakePosted on September 24, 2016
IsraelPosted on September 24, 2016
Levis and WeejunsPosted on September 24, 2016
Overalls and hundred dollar billsPosted on September 24, 2016
Prettiest Girl I Ever SawPosted on September 24, 2016
Santa ClausPosted on September 24, 2016
SylvesterPosted on September 24, 2016
Mr. CoolPosted on October 27, 2016
The Freedom GalleryPosted on March 8, 2017
A Quick TripPosted on March 11, 2018
PogoPosted on April 2, 2018
I Always Wanted a BobcatPosted on September 9, 2018
An Encounter in JerusalemPosted on September 9, 2018
The Big Blue and White BandPosted on March 14, 2020
'56 FordPosted on March 28, 2020
Yard Work!Posted on March 28, 2020
Don't Wiggle Those Hips, Boy!Posted on August 27, 2020
Slingshots, or "Flips"Posted on September 19, 2020
Remembering FredPosted on January 16, 2021
Market StreetPosted on March 8, 2021
Granddaddy and the TrainPosted on June 30, 2021
GolfPosted on August 17, 2021
The Grey GoosePosted on April 29, 2022
A Great LadyPosted on May 2, 2022
Tribute to My WifePosted on May 9, 2022
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