In Bullseye, Dr. Harrell aims his bead for cultural issues facing the church today. Those who purchased Harrell's first volume--Straight Shooting: Pastoral Reflections for Today's Church--will note in Bullseye the very same folksy literary style Dr. Harrell commands. Below are a few of the targets onto which the author carefully lays his aim:
  • "Cloning is Here"
  • "Islam and Government"
  • "Confused, Convoluted Christianity"
  • "The Sinister Nature of Small Sins"
  • "The Translation Craze"
  • "We are Right and You Must Agree"
  • "The Integrity of Christianity"
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"If you are looking for a book that reflects honest, unvarnished observations of a pastor about today's national crisis and denominational decline, look no further."
-Gerald Harris, Editor, The Christian Index

"Bill Harrell takes aim fires and hits the bull's eye! He is dead center with his warnings about the moral decadence of this nation and the struggle of the church. Straight Shooting is written with conviction, clarity and brevity."
-Morris Chapman, Former President and Chief Executive Officer, SBC Executive Committee

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