The Train Has Arrived

I am a great fan of that classic western movie, High Noon. You might remember that the movie is based around the High Noon arrival of the train which was carrying a man who had a gang awaiting him with his guns in hand. They were going to terrorize the town and, in the end, only one man was willing to stand against them; the Sheriff. Everyone else was willing to roll over and play dead while the gang would be allowed to do as they willed with the town. The point is that it finally came down to a showdown. No one wanted that but the bad element forced it on them. Thankfully, that one man, the sheriff, met the challenge and succeeded in saving the town by dealing with the problem of the trouble makers. As a lifelong observer of the direction of America I believe The Train Has Arrived. Its been coming down the track for a long time, but now the day has come of its arrival. This train is loaded with all the elements it would take to destroy our American way of life unless there is a resistant force and that force will ultimately be the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ because, in reality, it must be destroyed before the goals of those desiring to destroy America can be met. Remember, this is all a spiritual battle and it is centered around removing God and His Son Jesus from society.

I have said for many years that one day it is going to be very difficult to be a Christian in America. It is to our peril that we ignore or blithely pass off with the wave of a hand, the events that we have seen manifested in recent days. Satan has been in a long quest to destroy the only nation in the history of man that was founded upon the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. No nation in the world would be able to bring America to her knees with military force and satan knows that, but, working his wiles from within he has fervent hopes that he will be able to meet his goal of the destruction of this nation and the banishment of Christianity.

If one will only listen and observe the developing situation in America, he will be able to hear satan roaring and screaming with all his fury in the riots and killings we are now witnessing. Who, in their right mind would do such things as we have seen manifested in recent days? These people are not in their right minds. They think they are but satan has them fooled. They are trying to set up a new world order for America while satan has another goal: to destroy our country and even those who are so ardently helping him presently.

Ultimately, the fiercest battles will be focused around the Church, Christians and Jews. The reason for this is that all of this is a spiritual battle; not a political one. The underlying quest is to discredit God and destroy His influence on the earth. The troubles we see coming go much further than just America but this bastion of Christianity must be annihilated before the rest of the world can be conquered. The Church, Christians, must be defeated if satan is to reach his goal of world domination. Christianity is at the fulcrum of it all, and Christians must be prepared to fight if necessary. It is wonderful to pray and we had better be fervently doing that NOW because the day is coming when we will have to respond with force. In 732 AD, a crucial battle was fought that literally saved Western Europe from being overrun by the Spanish Moors. It was the battle of Tours. A Christian, Charles Martel defeated a large army of Spanish Moors and in doing so halted the Muslim advance into Europe. We must do as Charles Martel and his army did and be willing to stand up for our beliefs or be defeated and subjugated because that is the goal of the forces which are now so evident.

I have been reading again the way in which God dealt with disobedient Israel. He let them, in the freedom of their will, go where they wanted to go regardless of His warnings. They went to idols and Godless practices. Finally, when He had had enough, He would turn them over to their enemies to suffer the consequences of their chosen path of sin. He can and just might do the same thing to America. The problem is that the good people of Israel had to suffer along with those who had caused the judgment by dishonoring Him in sin. But, there came a day when He would see the nation in repentance and then He would call them to arms. War ensued and God would bless His people with victory.

Christians are abused by the world because we are perceived as graceful, loving, peaceful people who will take the abuse of the world with little consequence to our oppressors. We should pray and seek a peaceful solution but our enemy only understands force. And they will rule over us and subjugate Christians and Christian America unless they are met with the only thing they understand, force. There was a day when David had to kill Goliath. And, Christians are going to have to be willing to step up as David did if necessary.

The Train Has Arrived......its High Noon! The free expression of our Christian faith hangs in the balance as does our nation as we have known it. There will be a struggle but according to Him, we survive. It won't be pleasant but we have the assurance of God that we win! But don't gain a Victory without there having been a battle. We must be prepared for it. Yes, The Train Has Arrived!

Willaim F. Harrell

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