Save The World

I recall that back in the sixties and seventies, there was some astounding news that was fed to the public which made everyone fear for their lives and the lives of their children and grandchildren. Scientists were telling us that a devastating event was going to take place in only the next few years that would eliminate life on planet earth or at least reduce life to a very small percentage of what existed in those two decades; the sixties and the seventies. What was it? What was going to happen that was irreversible? What was going to possibly end life on the earth? What could we do in the face of this devastating event? What could possibly accomplish what the scientists were telling us?

In the late sixties, I was working in a men’s clothing store in Tifton, GA. Many different types of people came in that shop to buy merchandise and, for a while, the main topic of conversation was: What do you think about the warnings that are being issued by scientists concerning the fate of the world and its people? Now, what was it that was suppose to happen? The scientists and the “experts” on television were telling us that there was a new ice age coming very soon and that the world would freeze and the people would die as if locked in a freezer locker. There was little we could do to avoid because it was about to happen! Every time one turned on the television, read a newspaper or listened on the radio, they heard of the impending doom that was about to overtake us. We were all going to be the victims of a new ice age! People would starve because no food could be raised. And, slowly but surely, the human race would cease to be. Sound familiar?

The term Climate Change had not been invented yet but the same principles were being employed in convincing the people that the scientists were right and this terrible event was coming. The thing that they did not say is that climate fluctuations have occurred before. Over the thousands of years great changes in the environment have taken place. We know that there was once a large sheet of ice that covered the earth all the way down to what is now central Georgia. One can see large boulders along the roadways of Georgia and wonder how in the world did that great rock get there? But, we find, after some study, that they were pushed there by glaciers that covered the earth several thousands of years ago. The evidence of such and event is still visible today. Notice them as you drive on the highways of Georgia and other Southern states. The real cause of the climate changes that have occurred on earth is…..our Sun. Over large periods of time the sun has gone through many changes and all of them have affected the earth in some way. We can see this today when there are coronal ejections which reach out thousands of miles from the million-degree corona of the sun. We are warned that there could be disruption of communications on earth. Whole electrical grids and communication networks could be shut down by the coronal ejection of the sun. Most scientists, who are honest about their findings and information, will say that fluctuations on the sun is what causes the climate changes on earth. So, there have been many times that our world has experienced changes because of our good ole’ sun that just keeps on shining and providing light, energy and life for us.

But, there is another event that has taken place on the earth which does affect astounding changes in the lives of people and therefore also affects the world around us. And that event was the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This is the astounding event this world should be focusing on because it actually offers us life, and more than that, eternal life. Everyone wants to live and they think they would like to live forever in their present state. That’s why there is such panic when someone comes along and tells us that the world will end in twelve years or so if we don’t do something about carbon emissions. But that’s for another article. We should be focusing on what will really give life both here and hereafter. The Bible already tells us that God is going to destroy the old earth one day. It even gives us clues as to when and how it will happen. But, very few in government or anywhere else even recognizes this reality. And, I might point out, it could happen very soon according to prophecies given by God in the scriptures which have always come true. Every scientist or spokesperson who gives dire predictions about what will happen if we don’t alter our activities fails to even entertain the possibilities of what God has already told us about what He will do one day and it could be much sooner than carbon dioxide would ever reach the destructive levels of which they try to convince us.

But, if we focused on what really matters it would bring us to the Cross of Jesus and what took place there. The world’s problems would cease to be if we listened to God on this issue of the Cross. Jesus did not die on the cross so that we could live the way people live. He died to enable us to live differently; on a higher plane. In Romans, Paul speaks to this when he pens, “Shall we sin so that grace may abound? God forbid.” Why would God forbid? Because He gave us His Only Son for us to be able to live differently. Once a person comes “to” the cross and commits their life to Christ, they cannot go back to where they were or else their conversion was not real. The only way they can go is to continue to the other side of the cross where the Christian life is lived. There they find a new life which is equipped to serve God and live differently.

When the cross is confronted, one cannot stand still. They cannot turn around and go back to where they were. They must go on forward to and through the cross to the other side where the Christian life gives them a new life and a new meaning. If one is to have a new life then there has to be a change or life isn’t new. And when it is new, there is a new direction, a new purpose, a new way of thinking and a new way of living.

So, if people want to change the earth and set life on a proper path, they should look to the one who created the earth and to His Son who provides the kind of life and future that God desires for us. And, it doesn’t cost trillions of dollars; its FREE by faith in Jesus Christ.

Save the world? God has already laid out the plan and it really works!

William F. Harrell

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