Our Solid Bedrock

Something dangerous is happening within Christian circles today, and that danger is grounded and rooted in a disregard and near disdain for correct Biblical doctrine. The Bible does have definitive things to say. It does not specialize in the gray middle ground of human reason, but rather gives us a definite, correct path to follow.

Christianity is in danger of watering itself down with beliefs, practices and activities which are rooted in a desire to “feel good” about oneself. Biblical doctrine is viewed as to “hard” and restrictive, as well as repressive and antiquated.

There are two things we should note concerning this developing situation within Christianity. First, a “feel good” religion is dangerous because it does not have the proper doctrines to anchor it firmly. And one must remember that our “feelings” change from day to day. In fact, satan loves for Christians to abandon Biblical doctrine and embrace the “make-me-feel-good-about-myself” approach to worship. Satan operates in the realm of the flesh, and he can make one feel any way he wants him to feel at any time. If one’s faith is grounded in what makes him feel good and satisfied with himself, then he is on dangerous ground.

Does that mean that a person who does not feel good is unsaved? I believe that many people are miserable in their relationship to God because they are not grounded on Biblical principles. And because they are not, satan is able to bring serious doubt and disruption into their spiritual lives. Beware of those who tell you that if you don’t “feel good” you are not saved. They always seem to lead people to believe that if they will give money to their ministry, they will feel good and then everything will be all right between them and God. The Apostle Paul had many times he did not feel good. He was cast in jail, beaten with many stripes, stoned and finally executed for his faith. What do you think he would have thought about the “feel good” religion so often preached today. Remember, it is not how I feel about God that counts. It is how God feel about me that is important.

Second, our worship should not be “man-oriented.” It should be oriented toward God. Somehow many people and churches have become so self-centered that God is only a spectator during the worship hour that they have programmed to satisfy their desires. Man is not the object of worship; God is. He is the one receiving adoration and glory. When we focus on ourselves the Glory is lost; the Holiness of worship is violated.

Many people choose a church today because of what they think that particular church can offer them. I call it a smorgasbord approach to Christianity in which people want a healthy service of whatever makes them feel good and whatever meets their needs and “tastes” good to them spiritually. The worship time is not for us; it is for God. It is not for entertainment; it is for adoration and worship.

I heard of a church which had no cross in its sanctuary because the pastor said: “we do not want to offend anyone.” The old hymns of salvation were not sung because they were “too old” and doctrinal. Blood atonement and the cross were not preached because people did not want a “bloody” religion. The church did not call people to repentance, obedience and commitment because that sounded too “authoritarian,” and this generation rebels against authority. It replaced the preaching of the gospel with dances and plays and other performances because the people “liked that better.” In my opinion the members of that church do not have a true spiritual church but a social organization which is more intent on satisfying the whims of the people than on honoring God and saving souls.

But, there is hope! If we return to the Word, and if we order ourselves by what it says and not by what we say, then we will remain strong and true. The great doctrines of Christianity are rooted and grounded in the Scripture, which says that the Word of God is settled in heaven. It will never change. No matter what new fad comes along or what new liberal teachings emerge, we must, without a doubt, always make sure that our roots go down deep in the solid bedrock of the Word of God.

William F. Harrell

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