Captive to the Word of God, Part 2

Last week I authored an article that dealt with the fact that Christians are bound by the word of God and are completely happy with that fact. God only has to say something once to make it His stance on an issue for all time. He does not need to keep repeating where He stands on an issue and Christians know that we don’t have the freedom to switch our Biblical opinions in order to have “peace” with the unbelieving world. We do not have the freedom to change the Word of God at all. We must accept it as it is written. We are Captive to the Word of God! What God says on an issue settles it for us for we don’t have editing power where His Word is concerned. (Revelation 22:18-19)

The fact that we are even having to deal with this subject is necessitated because some “leaders” in society are demanding that Christians be forced to change their beliefs in order that they will be in agreement with the ideas of the “woke” liberals in our culture. The liberals in society are so forward and obnoxious that they will always fragrantly pursue the wildest of proposals and then blame the solid thinkers for being unwilling to live in peace with them. In other words, they blame us for the “war” that develops over their crazy ideas they have blatantly pushed on the good common-sense people. And now they are proposing the wildest things that they think society should accept as normal and wanting to force Christians to change their beliefs in order to be in accord with their idiotic proposals.

These people have never been committed to anything except themselves. They don’t know what it is to be committed to a higher power so they are unrestrained in their ideas and demands concerning that Higher Power. They don’t understand why Christians won’t do as they want them to do and simply let any and all of their idiotic demands become standard practice for the majority. When we won’t accept their plans for our world, then they blame us Christians for the disharmony that develops. They have no concept of the fact that if we are going to believe God and trust Jesus for salvation then we are Bound by the Word of God and here we stand no matter what.

When people start talking about “forcing” Christians to change our beliefs, we are about to lose our country to the liberals who don’t believe in God anyway. The First Amendment guarantees the freedom of religion but in order to get their way, the liberals know that Christianity has got to go and one way to kill its effect is to compromise the Christians and their beliefs into oblivion. God’s Word cannot be compromised and please Him at the same time. He will not bless this nation or any other if it turns away from Him and what He has said on the issues of human life. So, what are some of the issues that the “woke” crowd wants Christians to change their beliefs on. Notice it's always them who want us to change to adopt their “woke” ideas which would condemn us but they won’t even consider being obedient to God which would bring peace with Him. These people are infected with “the spirit of this age” as Scripture refers to it.

Here is a short list of things Christians can never compromise on if they believe God’s Word. There is the issue of homosexuality. This is clearly set out in God’s Word. God condemns this activity strongly, in fact, so strongly that He calls it an abomination (Leviticus 18:22-24…Romans 1:24-28). It’s a sin against Him and His stated order of things so repulsive to Him that He calls it an abomination which is something that He particularly abhors. Those practicing this sin and leading others to do so need to take a look at what God did to Sodom and Gomorrah. He was not playing around with them and won’t play around with those who practice this sin. He completely destroyed those two cities, because of the sin of homosexuality, to the point that they have never been found (Genesis Ch. 19). Scientists think they may have located where they were but they are not for sure. God simply blasted them into nonexistence. I don’t think we want Him to do the same with us. But, He has the power and doesn’t have to make any excuses for using that power again. God created the woman for the man. He did not create the man for a man or a woman for a woman. God’s way works. Man’s way is a disaster. Show me a man (a real man, not a trans) that can have a baby. Show me a woman who can impregnate a woman. Can’t happen. God didn’t design it that way. There is no way that Christians can change their beliefs and allow for this sin to become acceptable to us. As long as man follows God’s order of things, society can go well but when His order is no longer followed, confusion and tragedy will follow. Those who have loved ones involved with this sin will follow their emotions and find every excuse for it that the human mind can conjure up but we must remember that we are not judged based on our emotional and mental rationalizations, we are judged by how God feels about it and by His statements on it. They will never change (Psalm 119:89) “Forever, O Lord, thy word is settled in heaven.” And the Hebrew word for “settled” means “established”, a “pillar.” His word is not going to change and it’s not going to move.

Another issue concerning which Christians must always resist and declare: We are Captive to the Word of God, is the issue of transsexualism and the concomitant issue of “gender affirmation.” This is the stance that says anyone can affirm whatever gender they desire. In other words, a male can declare that they are female and vice versa. God determined your gender before you were born. In fact, it was given to a person at the moment of conception. I can’t understand how a doctor who is intricately trained in the human body can say that they cannot affirm which gender a child is at birth. A boy may actually be a girl or a girl a boy. I can solve that for the average person. Just look at their anatomy. The sexes are constructed differently and that is for the process of reproduction. Satan always attacks at the foundation in order to break down the superstructure. He knows that if he can destroy the family,(God’s foundation for society) he can destroy a nation. The closest we can come to being God-like is in the reproduction aspect of our lives. We can reproduce life through God’s order and through no other. We follow His order and life will result. It cannot happen with the way this sinful world wants to declare that the abnormal is normal. Their personal desires don’t change God’s mind on what He has already declared in His Word. Christians are Captive to the Word of God!

When Christians, who are Bound by the Word of God seek to point out how absolutely demonic this whole thing is, they are condemned harshly for their stance. Understand something: We don’t have any other option because the God’s Word declares that God made humans male and female (Gen. 1:27…”So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” That’s His order and it will not change no matter how much man tries to set a new order. A person is born either male or female and only a disobedient society will declare differently. Why, they even declare there are more than two genders. They have even made up more genders for people to declare as theirs. Listen my friends, if God doesn’t bring harsh judgement on our society for this sin, He would need to resurrect Sodom and Gomorrah and apologize to them! And that ain’t gonna happen! In fact, His judgment is already falling to those who practice this sinful lifestyle.

There are many more issues that have been rationalized by man to make them supposedly normal but space does not allow for their discussion in this article. My point is that when those practicing such things as have been discussed condemn Christians for their stances on these issues, they need to understand that true Christians cannot compromise what God says in His Word. We are Captive to the Word of God! The ultimate issue for us is: What does God say about the issues currently causing so much confusion and discussion? What others say about these and other issues really doesn’t matter to us. It is what God says that counts to us. We are Captive to the Word of God!

William F. Harrell

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