Thinking Biblically

God gave us His Word on how to live life in order that we might live according to His instructions and please Him in the process. If, and that’s a big “if”, people lived in accordance with what God has told us to do, then life would be totally different and the world would be completely changed. The people of this world have been more than willing to adopt the ways and thought processes of the world as well as the opinions of the world. In the process human beings have been more than willing to ignore what God says to us about how to live life.

Do you think according to what this corrupt old world says or do you think Biblically? There is a world of difference in the two thought processes. One will lead a person to destruction and the other will save their life and soul forever. The human heart and mind which are unredeemed will automatically adopt the ways of the world and think that things are really good. Their “common senser” is turned over and in the ditch. They are being obedient to the secular thinking process that is natural for the unsaved who are following the world. Let’s examine a few topics in order for us to understand the different ways of thinking.

Secular, worldly thinking involves evaluating everything you face from a human perspective. It involves human reasoning which people think will solve the problems of life. The real problem with this approach is that human beings are expert at rationalization and compromise. They think that they have the problem worked out and that God fully understands their approach to something that God has already given them the proper guidance on. The worldly thought process says that if they are comfortable with their decisions and attitudes then God must also be good with it. Not true! Definitely not true!! When we start telling God what is good and right based on our approach then we will destroy ourselves. That is what is happening to society today. Let’s take abortion for example. This whole thing is based upon lies and is a sham that the human way of thinking has brought into our personal lives and society at large. It is designed around personal convenience and the desire to behave like humans want to behave without paying the price for something that God warns them against: sexual immorality. But, it is law in our land and it did not get that way by our legislators and leaders thinking about it Biblically. Secular reasoning prevailed and about 65 million babies have been sacrificed on the altar of personal convenience because the secular mind wants to satisfy itself and ignore God. Won’t work. So, when something is automatically evaluated by the unredeemed secular mind that person has rejected the Biblical way of looking at whatever issue is at hand. Look at the situation with millions living on the street in certain cities with their minds blown by drugs. What is the secular way of solving the problem? They want to provide these poor people with clean needles and a place to “shoot up” in order to fight disease. They also want to provide a space for them to move their tents and shacks to a place where they won’t disturb the society so much. Also, give them money so that they won’t have to commit crimes to pay for their need for drugs. This is the secular way of thinking. If people thought Biblically, they would not be in the situation in the first place. The sad thing is that secular thinking that ignores God’s instructions always makes things worse. The situation will never get better with the liberal, secular minds trying to solve a problem. So, when people ignore God’s instructions in the Bible, they will automatically turn to their own ways to try to get around a situation that their secular thinking has caused. Nothing more demonstrates the destruction of the secular thinking process than the current transexual situation. It is the most demonic violation of God’s order we have ever seen. But remember, satan is involved and he always bases his approaches based upon “feelings.” So, according to the secular mind, if one feels they are the opposite sex and trapped in the wrong bodies, it is all right to treat them as the opposite sex and even alter them physically to do so. What nut thinks that it is o.k. for a biological boy to enter a girls restroom and that it should be considered normal. A Biblical thinker has no problem knowing what to do but the secular thinker thinks they have solved a problem. No, they just created bigger problems for people who think normally and they expect the normal person to make adjustments for them. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for a lot less than people are doing today.

A person who thinks Biblically automatically turns to the scriptures that God gave us for their solutions to problems and their viewpoints on human situations and temptations. Remember that there is another person involved here. It is satan. He is seeking to destroy God’s creation and he is always bending the minds of people to enable them to rationalize and compromise. It takes commitment and wisdom for people to, first of all, consider God’s Word before they do something that is wrong. Where abortion is concerned, they are immediately governed by God’s admonition “thou shall not kill.” Who is more helpless than an unborn child? No one! The Biblical thinker sees that God says that life is precious and should not be destroyed and that it is God who laid down that principle. Only He can give life and only He has the prerogative to end it. The Biblical thinker immediately sees this principle and lets it govern their action.

To the Biblical thinker, immorality, alcohol, drugs, lying and deception, murder, cruelty or any other sin is automatically and instantaneously evaluated in light of what God says about it in His Instruction book for life; the Bible. A Biblical thinker automatically and instantaneously evaluates all things according to the Bible and its instructions for a life well lived. God did not give us the Bible to make life rough on us. He gave it to us to guide us into a Godly life that is pleasing to Him and honoring to what Jesus went through in order to provide us with eternal life.

So, do you live your life with a secular frame of life. I pity a person who does that. Or, do you automatically judge things according to God’s Word and think with a Biblical view? We should be praying for people who are unsaved and who have turned away from God’s instructions in the Bible. God’s wants everyone to be saved and He has told Christians to tell people the truth and live it ourselves. If you order your life by God’s Word and Think Biblically, you will find life much more harmonious. And you will experience the blessings of God.

William F. Harrell

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