Swift Retribution

Ecclesiastes 8:11

God is the God of justice and judgment. He is offended by sin and that will not change. Human beings get acquainted with and then finally accustomed to sin. It no longer offends them unless it is the grossest kind imaginable. They learn to acquiesce to it and make room for it in their personal lives and in society at large. But, God does not adjust His feelings about or position on sin; sin of any kind. He has pronounced His judgment upon it because He is offended by it whether we are or not.

The main reason sin of every kind is proliferating in today's world is that people no longer consider how much God is offended but how much society gets its feelings hurt by their actions. Quick reminder: Society will not judge you in eternity. You will come before God and answer to Him. And, the supreme court rulings as well as the opinions of others will not make any difference at all in His feelings about one's sinful actions. No matter what we think about our actions, God has already stated His position on sin and what society accepts and courts rule on are of no significance whatever. We need to learn that and always hold it in view.

Anyone with even one modicum of intelligence can readily see that our society is falling apart. And it is due in large part to the fact that we excuse sin and its activities. Ecclesiastes 8:11 gives us the reason why things are so out of control: sentence against evil is not executed speedily. When it is not speedily executed, people will only see it as an invitation to do it again and do even worse. In America today people want to do away with the police or any force which can limit their sinful actions. Plus, they are no longer afraid of being punished. Those who commit criminal activity are being turned loose back on society. What in the world do "leaders", who allow such a thing, expect to happen? Evidently, they think that once a criminal is returned to society that he or she is going to say, "boy! I sure have learned my lesson. Its time for me to straighten up and fly right and become a contributing law-abiding citizen." Anyone who believes this will happen are too dumb to be in leadership and would probably be interested in buying a bridge in the Sahara Desert! You have to be "woke" to be that dumb!

Citizens of a bygone era (a sane, law abiding time) would have been appalled if one had told them that there was a coming day in which people could burn cities, wantonly kill people and run amuck stealing anything they wanted from stores and never be punished for it. Indeed, that they would be turned loose and enabled to do it all over again. Those citizens would have thought you were out of your mind to say such a thing. But, that's what we have today and it seems that the nation is getting used to it as if it is a normal progression of society we should all adopt.

When cities become nothing less than a lawless morass of illegal and sinful activities something is dreadfully wrong and no psychologist or psychiatrist will ever have the answer for it. You won't find the answer listening to the myriad of news analysists on television. We have fallen into such a moral morass in America that it will take an Act of God to straighten us out if indeed, people would listen to God at all. It has been proven that the mass of people will not care much about what He says on an issue. Therein lies a crucial mistake.

So, what does He say about how to keep society on the right path. God advocates swift sentence on those who commit evil acts because He knows that human beings will go do it again unless sentence is pronounce quickly. So, some liberals advocate an action totally against God and expect it to work. "I know what let's do, let's let them out of jail and tell them not to do it again. That'll work!" "And, by the way, anyone who defends themselves against violence will be prosecuted." "That'll teach them to resist!"

When people object to the millions of people crossing our Southern border illegally, they are called a "racist." A large number of these people are criminals and they are simply released into our country to do as they wish. Who is protecting us, the American citizen. Our "leaders" are letting us down! Plus, those who come here illegally are not treated as an illegal. The laws of America are suspended where they are concerned as they "invade" our country. It is ridiculous what is happening to this great land.

And, then some mindless idiots who have succeeded in getting themselves elected, begin advocating defunding the police, then they state that we should do away with the police altogether. Just think how stupid it all is! Okay, go ahead. Do away with the police and then see what happens! Instead of defunding the police, we need more of them and more funds for them! The more America runs amuck, the more police we need; not less. Those who want to do away with the police are enemies of our country who want a free reign to destroy us at a more rapid pace. How dumb can one get! "Get rid of the police, they postulate, and it will be better." No, a thousand times NO! It won't get better, it would only be much worse. Without a controlling element called law enforcement, we would quickly fall into total anarchy and the Bible speaks to that when it says "every man would do what is right in his own eyes." Under current conditions that is about what we have today. How's that working out for us?

When some of our major cities have dozens of people shot and many killed each day, it proves that people have no fear of judgment. Mayors and leaders of those cities and states have made it easy for people to live like animals and kill each other with little or no fear of punishment. When I witness such an act on the news it tells me that not only does that person not fear the law, they do not fear God either. They have no concept of the fact that they might have to answer for their actions either here or in eternity. God and His impending judgment are not in view. They think that if they can get away from the law, or if they are not prosecuted, that they are not guilty. Wrong!

When I watch someone on television news shoot another person and walk off, it is obvious that they have no respect for life and do not fear God or the law. They think that they will not have to pay any price at all. Then at other times when a criminal is attacking the police with intent to kill one wonders, "Does that person have no fear of death? Do they have any concept of a judgment? Do they not even wonder what is waiting on the other side for them?" You see, when sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil....Eccl. 8:11. God's Word is relevant to people and their activities whether they want to admit it or not.

Unless our leaders listen to this statement in Ecclesiastes 8:11 and punish criminals and evil doers quickly, they will get the idea that our society is not serious about their behavior and they will continue to do as they are doing and get worse. We are a Republic. And being a Democratic Republic we give people a hand in the government. But, if we are a Republic (a nation founded on law) and the law is not adhered to, then we are jettisoning the very thing (law) that makes us what we are. Therefore, we have anarchy which we have been observing for some time now. It is a situation where Proverbs 14:12 comes into play when it says; "There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death."

It is high time this country reclaimed the common sense that has been rejected in the past number of years. When we have our government looking away and allowing millions of people to invade our country, common sense has died. When major cities allow people to tear them up and burn them down and nothing is done about it, common sense has died. When it is suggested that we do away with the police, common sense has died. When criminals seem to get more respect than our government, legal system, and our police, common sense has died. When a violent group can burn down businesses and governmental buildings and have people say that "it is a peaceful demonstration" common sense has died. When respect for life reaches the low point it has recently reached in America, common sense has died.

One thing we can do to help bring a semblance of normalcy back to America is to begin to hold people responsible for their actions and speedily execute the proper sentence for those who are now tearing America apart. Remember and practice Ecclesiastes 8:11..."Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil."

William F. Harrell

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