An Elemental Necessity

Everyone wants those things which can make them happy but they tend to neglect that which can make them complete. People always want more out of life but they neglect the most important thing; a deeper relationship to God. Our quest as Christians should be to have more of God. When one has the urge to attend Bible Study it should be to please God and learn more of Him. When a person has the urge to worship it should have as its goal to have a deeper relationship to our Heavenly Father. Every person needs a deeper relationship with God whether they will admit it or not. We need a deeper walk, a deeper understanding, and a deeper desire to be obedient to Him.

Man has a tendency to want more of everything except that which we need most....God. More entertainment, more money, more learning, more inspiration, more excitement, and more friendships are all good, but they must not be an excuse for replacing the Best; a deeper, more profound relationship with God. He is the one who created us and sustains us. Why would we not desire to have more of Him in our lives?

Just suppose, all of a sudden, that all of our attention were to be focused on gaining a deeper relationship with God. How would that change us? I think it would change our level of sincerity about worship. Most Christians today are willing to live their Christian lives at the lowest level of acceptability thinking God will be happy with that. Just enough to get by. Worship occasionally, give a little to God's work once in a while, keep their Bible in the car for use when they need it, go to Bible Study when they feel like it. The thing that is wrong about this approach is that everyone has a different idea of what is acceptable to God. It's a relative situation with man making the calls. Won't work. According to the scripture it's not acceptable before God. We must have the concept that worship is not for us, but for God. He is the one that needs to be pleased with how we worship Him, not us.

A deeper relationship to God would change our devotion to His Word. The Bible gives us the basic instructions for life. Many today claim that it is no longer relevant. But, the truth of the matter is that God's Word is settled in heaven and is unalterable. Our society must stop trying to change God's Word to make it accepting of things we want to do. No matter how much time one spends in this endeavor they must understand that they will fail. The Word is settled in Heaven according to Him and He never changes. The world must be conformed to the Word; not the Word being conformed to the world's thoughts and desires. Like it or not that's the way it is! All people should read the Bible more, especially Christians. We cannot expect the best from our relationship with Him if we don't listen to and become obedient to what He says on the issues of life. A deeper respect for the Word will bring a deeper life and the assurances that brings. Most Christians depend on the preacher to tell them the things of the Bible instead of searching out those things themselves. God has ordained preaching to proclaim truth to us but God wants us to read and learn his Word ourselves as well.

A deeper personal relationship with God would change our everyday walking and talking. The Lord Jesus said that it is what comes out of a man's heart that defiles him. It has been my observation that the moment one is saved and a part of God's kingdom, their mouth is cleaned up. The reason for this is that the heart has been cleaned up. It will be sensitive to the kind of communication that comes out of a person and it will guard their mouth from profanity and ungodly things. It seems that profanity has become the norm of our society and that is not good. One of my school teachers told me a truth when she said: "people use profanity when they are ignorant of the proper use of the king's English." But, they also use it when their heart is profane and their mouth betrays that about them. A clean and Godly heart will not produce profane speech as a matter of course.

A deeper personal relationship to God would change our awareness of Him in every area of our lives. It would convince us of the fact that He IS God and that He IS in control. We all have concerns about the things of life but trusting that God knows us and loves us is our best defense against worry and frustration. It is much easier to find peace in the midst of the storms and vicissitudes of life. Man frustrates himself trying to change the things that only God can change. We must remember that the world started out in peace but man quickly messed it up. Man can do things to make himself feel better but only God can fix it. An obedient person has an assurance that they are not forgotten; that the God of this universe knows them personally and that He is the answer to the problems we face.

A deeper personal relationship would also change the level to which we communicate with God. People who are saved must take seriously that they can have a personal, direct conversation with the God who created everything and who values them individually. We have a direct line of communication with He who sits on the Throne of Heaven and he will listen to our words to Him. Man was created to have fellowship with God and we have the ability to go to him personally and have the assurance that we are not ignored or rejected when we come to Him through our mediator, Jesus Christ. So, don't feel like no one will listen to you. Be assured that a child of His through Jesus has a direct line to the God of the Universe.

So, the Elemental Necessity of human life is to have a full, deep relationship with God. Have more of Him and you will find life to be different. It will have a completeness which things cannot bring. Only God can give the peace and contentment we desire so strongly.

William F. Harrell

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